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新宿区, 东京都

服务语言: 英语, 日语, 简体中文, 繁体中文


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XG Japan aim to provide Japan real estate service for international clients looking to rent, buy or invest in Japanese real estate market.
The Leasing team bilingual agents help you rent a apartment, house, office etc. Partnering with you through all the process of searching, viewing, local area information advising, signing and moving in and out.

No guarantor needed
No Japanese language needed
Bilingual support before move in (mobile, bank account) etc.

Bilingual service after move in
Less initial costs
Credit card payment possible (case by case)

Frequently Asked Questions

① I can’t speak Japanese, will that be a problem communicating with the staff?
You won’t have any problem speaking to our staff members because they are bilinguals of English, Chinese, and Korean.

② I can’t find a guarantor. What can I do?
If you don’t have a guarantor, we advise you to use the agency who will become your guarantor. The payment will usually be one month rent

③ Can a student rent an apartment?
Yes. For the basic rent, it is for those who are planning on a long term contract. If you are thinking of a short term contract, it is advisable to rent the guest house, hotel, or ryokan, etc.

④ Can I share a room with my friend?
It may differ according to the apartments. If this is a case, then we will introduce you to apartments where room shares are not prohibited.

⑤ Can I purchase the apartment?
Yes, please contact us for more information.

⑥ Are there any apartments without the deposit and key money?
Yes, the conditions may vary but we can introduce you to apartments without the deposit and key money.

⑦ Are there apartments with furniture?
Yes, we have well-furinished house with good furniture for you.

⑧Is the company contract available?
Yes, please contact us for more information.

If you are having troubles finding the house ,in any condtion ,no matter how ,we turly mean it ,please do not hesitate to cosult us.
刊登中房源: 396
1K 公寓大厦

1K 公寓大厦

杉並区, 东京都
1R 公寓大厦

1R 公寓大厦

横浜市神奈川区, 神奈川县
1K 公寓

1K 公寓

中野区, 东京都
1LDK 公寓大厦

1LDK 公寓大厦

台东区, 东京都
1LDK 公寓大厦

1LDK 公寓大厦

世田谷区, 东京都
2LDK 公寓大厦

2LDK 公寓大厦

川口市, 埼玉县
1K 公寓大厦

1K 公寓大厦

豊岛区, 东京都


服务语言: 英语, 日语, 简体中文, 繁体中文